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Thu, Nov 19, 2020 3:00 PM

Fallen Cable outside home- need help resolving the hazard to cars

Hello, I have tried to report the fallen cables from both my house and my neighbors. One is laying across the road and the other is hanging lower than any worktruck or delivery truck can pass. I can only submit a generic hazard notice and I have received an email stating my "request has been resolved." I can clearly see no repair truck has come to solve our issue, nor has anyone asked to clarify the hazard!  Is there a human being out there who can help elevate our hazardous issue? Much, much obliged for any help. Thanks!


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7 m ago

Greetings, @Robinsons4! I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here on the forums. I hope you are having an amazing day! I apologize to hear how low the cables are hanging! I would like to make sure this is being resolved. Can you please send me a PM with your first and last name so I may further assist you?


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