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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 7:00 AM

Equipment Delivery

Why does Comcast customer service always have to be terrible?  I added a new second residence in another state and specifically told the rep that we would not be in the new state until Feb 11 and I didn't even own the house yet.  He told me they can delay delivery no problem.  Then an hour later I get the gleeful text message that "your equipment has shipped!" as if I should be overjoyed.  Then I take another hour of my time to try to see what's going on with it and the rep tells me, oh you have to contact UPS to change the delivery date.  Then I contact UPS, another hour to get through, oh Comcast has to do a package intercept. GOOD LUCK. I told the UPS rep the only customer service worse than UPS is Comcast and the chance I would get either of you to coordinate a one-car funeral I'd be lucky.   This is the textbook example of a business being too big and leaving the customer in the dust because they could care less.  Don't try to move service either, that took a week last year.  And no don't give me the covid excuse.  It's time to regulate cable just like gas and electric.  If you want to act like a utility then you need to get treated like one.



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Congrats on the home! That's exciting. We appreciate you posting to the Xfinity Forum to share your feedback regarding your experience, @jimk151. I definitely understand how frustrating this can be. I wanted to check in to see if you were able to get this squared away yet? If not, I would be more than happy help by reviewing the new account to ensure the services are still set to start after you move in, and I can get a new box shipped and request a package intercept for the one that was shipped prematurely. Can you send me a private message with your first and last name, the numbers associated with your address, and the account holder's name if different from you? 

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