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Sun, Feb 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Can't change my account online, customer service changing prices from rate card

I am beyond frustrated at this point. Been with comcast/xfinity for 11 years, and everything was great until last year, when customer service declined and can't get help with basic issues.


I had the premier pro+quad play with digital preferred , HBO, Starz, showtime, hitz, tmc etc., since Nov 2019. When I signed up for that bundle, of course Starz was included, which is what I really wanted. Just 2 months after signing the 2 year agreement, (Jan 2020) xfinity quietly removed Starz. No pre note of this change. It is found on Feb 2020 bill, after the change was made.


Was told I would receive Starz back on with no additional charges by chat (have the screenshot). Never got it back.


Anyway, tried for months to make changes online to the account. I am redirected to this link https://www.xfinity.com/error/buy/sorry?errorCode=DFPLN3001 

tried different devices, different browsers, operating systems, cleared cache and cookies, rebooted the modem, had comcast reboot the modem. Nothing has fixed this issue. Everytime I contact chat they won't fix the issue, but only ask what changes I want to make. Well I like to look at my options so I don't miss something and so I can look over them to ensure everything is correct.


After searching the error code online, I found a post which stated I could get my Rate Card info for my account, which I did (https://www.xfinity.com/support/rate-card)

After looking over everything I decided to go with the x1 starter home pro + triple play with a base price of $130.00 for my area. I then added the home phone for $10 and upgraded to the gigabit for $10. I also have 24/7 video recording which had been $9.95, but I was told by chat it is now $10.00 (I DID NOT WANT ANY CHANGE TO MY HOME SECURITY SERVICES AND I WAS VERY CLEAR ABOUT THIS)

So with the add-ons, price before taxes and fees is $160 and with fees and taxes $226, but when they sent the email confirmation, the base price had increased from the confirmed price of $130 to $140. My XH Secure Service was canceled, and my DVR service was canceled. THESE ARE INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE I SIGNED UP FOR. There also wasn't any paperless billing or autopay discount applied, as I had on my previous plan.

Chat agent transferred me to a supervisor.  Supervisor confirmed the base price of $130, but when I questioned why it was showing as $140 and why the other services were canceled, he ended the chat.

So I call customer service. The rep somehow can't see what the base price is for the bundle, but can see that with taxes and fees, now my bill is up to $239.

The ONLY CHANGES BEING MADE WAS A DOWNGRADE IN TELEVISION CHANNELS. Everything else is the same as it was before, because the home phone I added for $10, and the upgrade to the gigabit for $10. Both plans include Home Security and I was not changing the 24/7 video recording.

I have been promised Starz at no additional charge, because that was the bundle I agreed to in Nov 2019, that hasn't happened. I have contacted chat support to find out why I cannot make changes online to my account. That hasn't been resolved. I researched my Rate Card prices (current as of Jan 2021) and decided on a package with a published price and included services I wanted. Now that price has increased and services I rely on are canceled when I did not authorize changes and they are INCLUDED IN THE BUNDLE I SWITCHED TO.

Please assist in resolving these issues. 11 years is a lot of loyalty from a customer, but it looks like come November 2021, I will not be a 12 year customer. At this point, I am considering paying the ETF just to cancel now because of the lack of support available.



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