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Wed, Aug 19, 2020 7:00 PM

Anyone else seems to be having issues with customer support?

Below is a conversation with Customer Support Via Online Chat.  I covered their user name just incase it violates some company policy, etc.  I finally got it esclated but their response was not something I was expecting...enjoy..


Connected with bp-ssXXXXX

Current place in line: 0

You are now chatting with bp-ssXXXXX, a Xfinity Live Agent

Hello, thank you for contacting Xfinity Support. My name is SaXXXXX.

Hi, how are you?


Good. I am having issues with my TV. I have HBO and can view it live, but when I try to restart a program, it states This requires a subscription. Is that normal?

Yes, it takes certain time to broadcast the channel so you are getting this message after restart

I am viewing the movie live and when I try to restart the movie on HBO, it states that I need a subscription. I have a subscription to HBO. Why will it not restart the movie?
Via HBO On Demand.

Don't restart, view the movie as it ,


Was that a joke?....that is not a resolution to the issue. I pay to have a subscription to HBO which includes HBO On Demand correct?


After my last response, it got it esclated.....but really...don't restart, view the movie as it!  Humm.....


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