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Wed, Aug 19, 2020 3:00 AM

Address blocked due to previous tenants account going into collections

Hello, my name is Jessica. I just moved into an apartment and have been trying to get internet since 8/8/2020. Comcast states that the address is blocked from any new tenant getting internet there because it's in collection (has NOTHING to do with me, never had comcast before). My children start remote school in 1 week and I keep getting the run around and what makes it even worse is they are the only providers that service the area I live in. This is a HUGE inconvienence. I submitted my ID, Lease and Bank Statement to show that I am a new tenant and not related to the previous ones and it's still taking so long to clear the address (if they even will). God what do I do? I just moved here and I need the internet NOW (more like a week ago!).  #HELP


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