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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 3:00 AM

What exactly does AMC+ portray to offer paying Xfinity subscribers?

I decided to subscribe to AMC Premier a few months ago so I could watch a few shows that could take some time to binge. That service dissapeared from Xfinity at the time but I learned that it was essentially a rebranding of Sundance "Now".  So I opted to start a 30 day trial of SD Now but that required me to sign up outside the Xfinity ecosphere. Within that initial 30 day offer I learned that AMC Premier was enhanced on Xfinity and renamed "AMC+". This new subscription service advertises itself to be even better by including all content from SDNow, Shudder, and IFC Unlimited. I promptly terminated Sundance Now trial and signed up with AMC+ through Xfinity instead because I thought it was a better deal.


The AMC+ promotion(s) on Xfinity I've seen so far indicate that ALL Sundance Now, Shudder, and IFC Unlimited content is available via Xfinity AMC+. Those adverts mention that AMC+ subscribers can't  use their Xfinity credentials to sign in directly to said services but stresses that AMC+ via Xfinity X1 is more convenient as it is a one stop shop so to speak. I mostly agree but I've found discrepancies that are dubious at best.


The latest culprit I stumbled across is a 2 Season series on Shudder called Wolf Creek. I've seen the 1st two related Wolf Creek movies already and IMDB says a 3rd is on its way. I was happy to see that a 2 season series was recently made as well and that it is offered via Shudder. Xfinity AMC+ says that Shudder is included with that package but I was disappointed to learn that only Season 2 is available. AMC+ is now a "channel" on Amazon Prime as well and that platform shows that I can watch BOTH seasons if I sign on with AMC+ by subscribing to it through them (Amazon). Why would anyone watch Wolf Creek by starting it at Season 2? Why does AMC+ on Prime let subscribers watch content that Xfinity AMC+ subscribers cannot?


I've contacted Xfinity and/or AMC+ support about similar discrepancies before and the remedy has always been that Xfinity corrects the mistake by making the missing content available. Not this time unfortunately because I got a flippant response that Season 1 episodes were "expired" and I was invited to purchase them separately on my own. How is that a solution? Please don't tell me that I can't watch Shudder or IFC Unlimited content by paying out of pocket for it elsewhere when you advertise that said content should be included via Xfinity AMC+. This is false advertising IMO. Offering only season 2 from a 2 season series is pointless. Amazon says I can watch both via their AMC+ channel offer so why not offer the same for Xfinity customers? I'm nearly ready to drop Comcast all together by just adding channels to my Prime Video membership because when they say I can watch certain things they actually lethe us. Please add Season 1 of Wolf Creek from Shudder on Xfinity AMC+ or drop the show completely. There are zero reasons why anyone would start fresh at Season 2 without already having watched Seasone 1. Thank you for your consideration.


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