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Mon, Dec 30, 2019 7:00 PM

super triple play vs signature triple play lineup and speed and cost...

I know the download speed is different between super triple play and signature, but what channels do I lose beside HBO and cinemax? Zip code 08081 in NJ. I see that the sports entertainment package might be a $10 add-on, but when I view the list it looks like all the sports channels except the red zone are included. Is there a specific list? Is the download speed  600mps on signature, and is that sufficient for most  purposes when only 3 or 4 devices (phone, laptop, seecurity camera) would be actively using wifi at once?


Our contract is up and the bill is about to go up again, but I need to get the bill LOWER than it was.... I need to cut this cable bill down and I'm willing to lose HBO. I'm probably going to buy my own modem and router. I did buy a streaming device, and have started to test that out on a different input to see how we like it. Between taxes and cable my hubby is ready to leave NJ...

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