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Sun, Apr 11, 2021 4:45 PM

recording NBC Saturday news

We program to record NBC evening news on KGW  but cannot get Saturday, Saturday news is at 6pm, weekday it is at 5:30.

I have attempted to record it while running with checking all episodes but it fails.

What is the fix for this failure?



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2 m ago

Is it called something different on Saturdays compared to weekdays?


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2 m ago

Does the guide say that the Saturday episodes are going to be recorded? (You can also check the "Scheduled" list to see what will be recorded.)

If not, I suggest that you find a Saturday news broadcast in the guide and set up a separate repeated recording for that, and see what happens.


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2 m ago

To expand: The scheduler does not use an actual title to set a recording. It uses an internal ID code. A program can change their title, but it can still record. In your case, there could be the same title in the guide, but it is actually a different ID code. Go to record options and see if it just says record or 'record options'. If it just says record, then it's not a recognized ID code and you need to create a separate series recording.

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