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Thu, Feb 4, 2021 4:00 PM

Our bills should be lower with shows being removed

It seems like our bills should go down with some shows not being on the channels we have been paying for. Like with discovery plus, shows that used to be included on channels are moving to discovery plus exclusively, so we are getting less new shows but still paying the same.



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3 m ago

Comcast isn’t responsible for shows airing, what would you do if those shows were cancelled outright?

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3 m ago

Forget it.  Comcast removes entire networks without giving a reduction in your bill.


It's all designed to make you sign up for another service and pay more fees.  They will force you to pick and choose your programs, or you'll end up spending a fortune.


It might be better to find something else with a combination of the channels and programs you really want and less of the other stuff you don't watch.


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2 m ago

Discovery+ is a direct attack on Comcast's business model, so it would be up to Comcast to negotiate lower carriage fees with Discovery first. Only they would know how much audience has bled away from Discovery's channels since they decided to take all new content away from cable customers.


Personally, I have adjusted to stop watching Discovery's channels and I won't be subscribing to their app. I can only get terrible SD resolution from apps on my tv for some reason, so I wouldn't be able to see anything anyway. I wouldn't care if Comcast dropped all of them if it gave me a lower bill.

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