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Mon, Sep 16, 2019 1:00 PM

Anyone Else Having Trouble with MLB Extra Innings since Friday.

For two years now with Comcast, I've gotten MLB Extra Innings I can't recall how I paid last year but this year I paid the whole lump sum in one month (Apr 2019, $169.99 IIRC) so we are paid for the whole year. And, as avid, crazy baseball fans, we have watched games on MLB Extra innings EVERY SINGLE DAY (well, every day during baseball season), including this past Thursday for those two years.  I am not exaggerating.  We watch baseball every day during the regular season on MLB Extra Innings and have been doing so every day this season too. 


The routine to watch the games has always been the same.  Press the microphone, say "MLB Extra Innings HD Beta," and a screen comes up where we pick the team's game we want to watch, press select, and the game comes on.  No problems.


Then Friday (Sep 13, 2019) comes around, and out of the blue, despite NOTHING changing on our end, every time we do the exact same routine we've been doing, it no longer works.  Now a box comes up no matter which game we pick, we've tried all 30 teams, that says a subscription is required for this channel.  What the heck? 


So I called support.  Got someone in India who didn't have a clue what MLB Extra Innings was but gave it his best effort to fix things and despite being on the phone well over an hour no luck.  So he sent a technician out yesterday, another one who had no clue what MLB Extra Innings even is, and in hearing his half of the conversation with the person he was speaking to on the phone that person ALSO has no clue what MLB Extra Innings is.  Hard to get good support when those offerinjg the support have no clue what it is they're trying to fix.


And despite spending well over two hours here yesterday, no solution has been found. 


Something changed on Friday.  And I'm wondering if it has something to do with that new rate they're offering for the rest of the year (about forty bucks for the rest of the year in a package called Pennant Chase or something so that those without MLB Extra Innings can get the last couple of weeks for a cheap price.  I dunno if that's the trigger but I'm wondering.


But something has triggered a problem that NOBODY seems to know how to fix and if it's not fixed soon then you can bet the farm and every other thing you own that I will be the next new FIOS customer.


Is anyone else out there experiencing anything similar to this?

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2 y ago

The problem with the Beta HD channels for MLB Extra Innings was resolved and are again available. It was some software problem that took several days to resolve.


There was another thread on the subject matter but that thread was locked for some reason.  

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