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Sun, Sep 13, 2020 8:00 AM

Unexplained jump in billing.

My already outrageous bill for Aug-Sept shot up another $48. which was unexplained on our statement. We are still under our Promo contract until January 26, 2022, so its not an end of Promo issue.  Even worse, there is literally no customer support available through either phone or online chat. NONE. You are just routed through over and over to other voice prompts or the road to nowhere online. Given, there is a virus, but seriously most every other business I know is operating. This company have no customer service agents even operating from home that I can see are accessible. I visited the community to see what other customers are saying about this. Apparently this is an issue that began way back in April and has still not been resolved!!!!!! The only helpful thing I found on the community helpline is to call the Set up a New Service prompt. Someone will answer there. This is the most terrible way to run a business I have ever seen.


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