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Fri, Sep 11, 2020 11:00 AM

Promotional help requested

Hi Comcast team, 

I've had excellent service in the past by approaching your team on this forum.  I'm hoping for similar results on this issue.   

Apprently my internet only promotion has ended and with the new regular price, the value is no longer there for me.   I'd like to explore what options are to return my bill back to a value that works for me.  My bill went from $30, to $45, then to $63, and now this month is $83 over the last 18 months for internet only.  I have not requested any speed increases but I beleive that is going to be the "justification" for the increases along with an expiring promotion.   Before I explore the compentition's fiber options in my neighborhood, I'd like to see if the Comcast team will assist with lowering by bill in order to keep me as a customer.   I'm willing to decrease the internet speed to do this.   Thanks in advance!  


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