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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 6:00 PM

Over billing when changing Bill Due Date

I have request to change the bill due date recently.

It says there is not fee for changing the date, so i move it to 1st of month to match my other bill date.


But what I see in my account is


One-time transitional bill

$75.31 due on November 5 for October 21 – November 10 (22 day period)
Your one-time transitional bill is lower because the new selected bill due date resulted in a shorter billing period.

First bill with new due date

$80.31 due on December 1 for November 11 – December 10 (30 day period)
Future bills will return to your regular monthly charges.


75.31 / 22 = 3.423    this is what I paid per day for transitional period

80.31 / 30 = 2.677    this is what I should paid for my plan per day

75.31 - (2.677 * 22) = 16.42    this is the difference of what I think is over billed


Is there any hidden fee for this service?


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8 m ago

Hi, danielu0601. Thanks for reaching out about your bill. We want to clear up any confusion! If you do 2.677 x 30, that is where we're getting the $80.31. Does that help?

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