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Tue, Apr 13, 2021 4:26 AM

Company keeps removing channels & pkg while increasing charges

So I have been a customer for too many years. I keep resigning up; a. location and you guys have contracts over areas and b. kids like certain channels. Now you guys remove cartoon network which is 1 of the three channels that were decent for them to watch and yet this bill keeps magically running from $126 to close to $200 each month. Cant blame state fees and fcc fees on that I';ve been in communications far too long to know who negotiates what. So, since the channels keep disappearing are you guys giving discounts for loyal customers that way my bill can actually reflect what I signed up for since I'm no longer getting channels I was quoted year after year?





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2 m ago


"Now you guys remove cartoon network"

Cartoon network wasn't removed.  A year ago it was moved to the Digital Preferred and Preferred+ package. 

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