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Mon, Apr 12, 2021 11:18 PM

Bill payment

I need to get information so an agency can pay my bill due to my loss of income and house hold on isolation due to covid. Per they agency they tires to get the following information so they can make the payment.

1. Bank account number

2 routing number

3 payment address.

Unfortunately they can not make online payments. We have been trying to get assistance from customer service for a week. Please help


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2 m ago

Thank you for posting to our forums. Comcast would not release any account information to a non-authorized party. Additionally, we do not have access to release bank account numbers or routing numbers, these are generally entered via a self-service option on the 'My Account' portion of a customers website. If a representative needed to assist with entering a customers banking information (in person or over the phone), one it is entered, it is blanked out where we cannot see it, similar to a customers social security number.


We only release account information to either the account holder of a manager on the account (with some limitations). 




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2 m ago

@user_adcc45 You need to supply your banking information to this company; you can get that information from your checks or by contacting your bank.  Also, the mailing address for payment is on your billing statement.  You can find a copy of that bill under My Account.

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