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Wed, Feb 5, 2020 9:00 PM

Unable to Change Font Style on Closed Captions [Xfinity Stream Online]



Watching videos on the Xfinity Stream site via my computer, I went into the settings for the CC to change the font style from a serif font to a non-serif font, but all but one of the font style choices are showing up as the same serif font no matter which one you choose - it's much harder for me to read a serif font.


The one that isn't showing up as the same serif font is "Cursive" font style, but that one is actually showing up as the "Casual" font style. So something is amiss with all of that. I could go with the Casual font style (by choosing Cursive - lol) as that isn't serif, but it's way too thick and distracting...I'd much prefer a thinner non-serif plain looking font (it's called "proportional non-serif" in the settings).


Also, the white text is really bright and distracting, but choosing the text to be 'translucent' turns it to a faded black color instead of a translucent white. It would be nice if there was an option for a lighter shade of white (slightly gray), or if the translucent white worked correctly at least, though not sure translucent white would be easy to read.


I can change all of the other settings such as font size, background color, etc., so it's just the font style and text opacity that is messed up.


Worth noting...I was using an older version of Firefox and didn't have any issues with changing font styles, but then I got a message from Xfinity saying older Firefox is no longer supported. So it was only until I changed to watching Xfinity online via Google Chrome that this became an issue. But it's not a Google Chrome issue as I have been watching other streaming sites via Google Chrome and can change the font styles just fine, so it's just Xfinity Stream via Google Chrome that isn't working for changing CC font styles.




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